Branding finale – New Logo, New Look

June 3, 2013

One of the curses of a graphic designer is being in a perpetual state of tinkering. With clients, there must be a conclusion and delivery of the final product. There is the creative directive, design feedback, rounds of revisions all culminating in a finished piece. If you are worth your salt, you respect the design process.

However, when you are your own client, there is no signed contract with a limit to the design hours or enforced parameters…it’s all up to you. So you can drag the process out indefinitely and be your own worst critic.

I have gone through at least 5 iterations of my blog, never happy with any of them, either in look or functionality. I finally decided to do justice to my own branding and define my online presence. So below is my new branding. Ta daaahhh!

This is a mini-version of some styling basics we often provide clients. As you can see there are two logo layouts; vertical and horizontal which can be implemented depending on their usage. We often provide 2 color and black-and-white logos as well. The color palette which includes both Pantone colors (PMS) and CMYK.


Here’s the break down of the logo. The logo mark, type treatment, color selection and fonts used. As you can see, I’m partial to flowers, so I used a camelia for the mark and my favorite color, PINK. (It deserves all caps.)


And finally, when it came to the blog itself, I wanted a no frills, minimalist layout. I’m versed with just a wee bit of coding knowledge, so I can’t do all the wiz-bang voodoo. Plus, the new trend in web design is “flat design”. It’s both a look and a byproduct of responsive sites which is another thing I wanted. It was important to me that my website resize smoothly over several devices i.e. web, tablet and phone. I did choose a background image that has both my logo colors and invokes a soft welcoming feel to the site. With a blog name “Sew Hot Mommi, it can get cheeky and cheesy really quick. So what do you think of the new…and hopefully…final look?


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