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“Bubble Gum and Licorice” Fit Gear, BurdaStyle Knit Top

January 31, 2015

As soon as I saw this little short-sleeved top it was a must, but it was sneaky too. It lured me in making me think it was easy to make…and technically it was, but not without drama. BurdaStyle (September 2014 Pattern 125) was the pattern of choice.


Continuing to craft fit gear with my pink and black theme (Bubble Gum and Licorice), I used this sweet shell pink fabric I’ve had for awhile.


It’s a synthetic blend, but the contents are unknown to me. One of these days I’m actually going to catalog the incoming fabric with the pertinents so I’m not so clueless come construction time. Either way, its reminiscent of the color of your first ballet leotard so I’m thinking it might be good for a barre class should I decide to get elegant about my fitness. For now, I like the bad-assery of weights, heavy ones at that.  Continue Reading