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The Tie Top: Mcalls 7630

April 22, 2018

Still adding pieces to my ever growing capsule wardrobe. This time it’s this super cute front tie top using McCall’s pattern 7630.

It’s line drawing doesn’t excite much, but when you look closer you see a pattern with good bones. Something that’s basic, but generates lots of ideas. Since most of this wardrobe is career/work wear focused, I needed to dress it up.

I used this silky smooth rayon voile from my stash that I either purchased from G Street Fabrics or Mood Fabrics. I dunno which…side-effect from being a stash-aholic. The fabric is semi-sheer, so for the front and back bodice I doubled the layer, i.e. self-lining. For the sleeves and ties, I wanted them sheer, so they are sewn in a single layer. The ties are actually a long panel sewn at the side seam and bodice front. Continue Reading

Fabric Reviews

Cropped Pants: BurdaStyle August 2018

March 29, 2018

So now that I settled on the concept of sewing a capsule wardrobe, I just plunged right in. I really need to plan and sketch my pieces to make sure I’m putting together something cohesive, but for now I’m going to keep rolling along.

The second piece I’ve made are these sleek cropped pants with a flared leg from Burdastyle, the 2017 August issue, pattern 113. I confess I am a fangirl when it comes to Burda. They’re more “fashion forward” (that much used Project Runway description) and the drafting is excellent. I am convinced I am secretly their fit model because the proportions are cut to fit my narrow hip short-waisted shape. Sqweee!…which means no major pattern redrafting. Continue Reading


Cute and Cropped Top: McCall’s 7542

March 22, 2018

I think I’ve inadvertently stumbled into making a capsule wardrobe. The concept isn’t new, but in principal it’s logical and practical. My version is just to make as many pieces as I can that work together. So, I grabbed all the fabric and patterns I wanted to sew, lined them up and got to work. Continue Reading