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The Tie Top: Mcalls 7630

April 22, 2018

Still adding pieces to my ever growing capsule wardrobe. This time it’s this super cute front tie top using McCall’s pattern 7630.

It’s line drawing doesn’t excite much, but when you look closer you see a pattern with good bones. Something that’s basic, but generates lots of ideas. Since most of this wardrobe is career/work wear focused, I needed to dress it up.

I used this silky smooth rayon voile from my stash that I either purchased from G Street Fabrics or Mood Fabrics. I dunno which…side-effect from being a stash-aholic. The fabric is semi-sheer, so for the front and back bodice I doubled the layer, i.e. self-lining. For the sleeves and ties, I wanted them sheer, so they are sewn in a single layer. The ties are actually a long panel sewn at the side seam and bodice front. Continue Reading

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The Wrap Dress: Butterick 6054

April 7, 2018

Another addition to the capsule wardrobe. This Butterick wrap dress #6054 is a Maggy London design, who is always good for something classic.

I wanted a  more relaxed knit dress, so I opted to cut a size larger, GASP, than I measure in size. My rationale was that a bit more drape through the bodice would be more flattering. In theory, it was a good idea, but I probably should have cut the smaller size 10 top and graded up to the 12 on the bottom. Live and learn. Continue Reading

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Spring Fabric Haul: G Street Fabrics

April 1, 2018

It’s been a minute since I’ve done some serious fabric shopping…which is a good thing. My fabric stash is pretty hefty, as in I have no justifiable reason to add more. But when ever did a sewcialist need a reason to fabric shop. It’s like telling the sun not to rise because it’s going to happen.

But it’s been so long that I thought one of my local fabric stores had closed when in fact it had just moved to another location. Yea, admittedly that’s pretty bad. Continue Reading

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Cropped Pants: BurdaStyle August 2018

March 29, 2018

So now that I settled on the concept of sewing a capsule wardrobe, I just plunged right in. I really need to plan and sketch my pieces to make sure I’m putting together something cohesive, but for now I’m going to keep rolling along.

The second piece I’ve made are these sleek cropped pants with a flared leg from Burdastyle, the 2017 August issue, pattern 113. I confess I am a fangirl when it comes to Burda. They’re more “fashion forward” (that much used Project Runway description) and the drafting is excellent. I am convinced I am secretly their fit model because the proportions are cut to fit my narrow hip short-waisted shape. Sqweee!…which means no major pattern redrafting. Continue Reading


Cute and Cropped Top: McCall’s 7542

March 22, 2018

I think I’ve inadvertently stumbled into making a capsule wardrobe. The concept isn’t new, but in principal it’s logical and practical. My version is just to make as many pieces as I can that work together. So, I grabbed all the fabric and patterns I wanted to sew, lined them up and got to work. Continue Reading

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Toaster Sweater from Sew House 7

February 19, 2018

So now that the sewing palace is complete, the first project after all that DIY remodeling was something quick and easy. Something easy to clean up because I wanna keep it showroom pretty for awhile. lol.

So for my first post-renovation project I made Sew House Seven’s “Toaster Sweater”. This is a beginner sewing pattern and can be completed in a day. It’s my first Sew House Seven pattern and I try to support independent pattern makers…but they tend to be a bit pricier in comparison than the big 4, but they offer an alternative. This pattern in particular is $19 which is a stretch when you can buy a McCall’s or Simplicity pattern for $1.99 on sale at JoAnn’s. I did a YouTube pattern “unboxing” in case you want to see just what you get for $19. The pattern paper is the traditional thin brown pattern paper, but the instructions are printed on a sturdy booklet. The pattern is in the generic sizing of XS – XXL akin to clothing and I made the XS because I have a small frame with a narrow back. Continue Reading

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Simple dress, simple style. M7543

August 1, 2017

Front view

Nothing like a simple dress to get back in the swing of things. New job, so I need a new wardrobe. After years working at a small marketing firm with a very casual dress code, I’m now at an academic institute with more formal business attire. So I’m in desperate need of EVERYTHING.  Continue Reading


Easy Shorts – New Look 6271

August 12, 2015


I’m feeling harasses by the fall fashions. I haven’t finished with summer yet and they’re hitting me with sweaters and boots. As an act of protest I made a pair of shorts. Dang it it’s still hot outside! If I had any sense of timing I should be planning my fall sewing, but that’s just too much like acquiescing to the retail timetable and not mine. Continue Reading


The Sequined Skirt

April 28, 2015

Black tie galas…my chance to look pretty and get a new dress. I usually buy a dress that is worn once or twice and then gets stored in my closet. I may look at it from time to time, but it gets no wear. Well I had an event to attend and this time I was hoping to be a bit more practical. No more “one and done.”

I belong to a wonderful family organization called Jack and Jill. Every other year we host a “Beautillion” to recognize our accomplished young men…said black-tie affair…and the ladies wear full gowns in earnest.

I instead went short and made a sequined skirt that I paired with a top I already owned. My thinking is I can dress the skirt down with a chambray shirt and wear to some other less formal affair. The fashion fabric is this yummy ombre sequin fabric and only one yard was needed.


My pattern source came from a “Style Sew Me” DIY tutorial for a high waist pencil skirt with color block panels. Eryn has a great site with lots of “how to’s” made simple. This particular skirt is super easy to make and she provides a pdf for download with instructions for measuring. The video is a step-by-step review of the pattern drafting, cutting and construction process. Continue Reading


The Pre-Chanel Dress, NewLook 6123

April 27, 2015

Chanel, bouclé and tweed. They are inseparable.

No matter what Karl sends down the runway, you are guaranteed to see at least one very loose weave suit or dress…possibly fringed and/or trimmed. You can literally see the individual fibers of the fabric they are so loosely woven…and thick…and I love them both. In fact, I own a few including a Chanel piece…end of bolt…a few season olds…but it’s mine!

My goal is to make a suit, but in preparation I thought I’d practice a few of the infamous couture techniques on this dress. Sort of a practice run.


NL_6123_02 Continue Reading