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My sewing room…finally!

February 11, 2018

So about 13 months later…my sewing palace is finally done! Yes, that’s an exceptionally long time for a DIY remodel, but between life, a new job, school, I just plain dragged my heels. To go that long without my space to create was torture because sewing is both hobby and therapy. A much needed creative respite. So I finally got cracking.

The location of my area has not changed. It has always been in the basement adjacent to my husband in-home office. He moved his office space to the recently vacated playroom, still in the basement, we had built for the kids. Now that they’re all grown and gone, we’re reclaiming parts of our house. Continue Reading

Fabric Reviews

Simple dress, simple style. M7543

August 1, 2017

Front view

Nothing like a simple dress to get back in the swing of things. New job, so I need a new wardrobe. After years working at a small marketing firm with a very casual dress code, I’m now at an academic institute with more formal business attire. So I’m in desperate need of EVERYTHING.  Continue Reading


Dabble and Stitch Review

June 7, 2013

Visited Ohio recently and made it a stop by a local cutie-pie of a creative space. They cover all the basics; sewing, knitting, jewelry. Being the sewist that I am, I made a beeline for the fabrics. Basically all cottons, more quilt weight, but a few fashion fabric worthy too. They have that young mom, dare say i.e. slightly hipster feel, but good of quality.

They staff was delightful and dedicated to sharing information about the classes available. A description from their site…”The studio area is equipped with cutting tables, ironing boards, scissors, tools and space, plus you can rent one of our computerized sewing machines, serger, or embroidery machine. Beginners can sign up for an orientation or a personal lesson. You can pay a la carte or sign up for a monthly membership. Sewers, knitters, and crafters of all stripes are welcome and the water is always hot and ready for a nice cup of tea to go with your crafting.”

The pattern selection featured mainly independent lines such as Sewaholic and Megan Nielsen. I bought a simple dress pattern (Megan Nielsen) that should be good for casual wear, but the price, $20, was hard to stomach, especially with $1.99 sales at JoAnn’s. But it’s always nice to try something new.

Definitely worth stopping by.
<a href=””>DABBLE & STITCH</a>
(614) 407-4987